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Skydiver Blue Dress


Tonight is the perfect evening to sit outside, unwind, and write a blog post. It’s not very often we get evenings like this in Texas especially in June.

Last weekend I took the opportunity for finish up my blue dress and I do have to say I am very pleased with how it turned out. The material is a stretch ponte knit and it was a dream to work with as well as a dream to wear. It almost feels like wearing one of my favorite t-shirts. I will certainly purchase more stretch ponte knit fabric in the future.

Over all the pattern that I chose (McCall’s MP200) was super easy to follow, as it should be being a beginners pattern. I also feel that it has the potential to be easily altered into different styles. (Speaking of different styles, I saw a really awesome black dress in a similar material that a girl was wearing around town and I am dying to replicate it. It was the same bodice structure only it has 6 inverted pleats, evenly placed, joining the skirt and the top.)

I had mentioned previously that this dress was more Duchess inspired versus a RepliKate. The casual but sophisticated feel and color reminds me of the Stella McCartney dress she wore in 2012 to the National Portrait Gallery.

The Duchess of Cambridge toured an exhibition of photographs of London 2012 stars at the National Portrait Gallery.

Photo: Geoff Pugh/Nils Jorgensen/Rex Features

However the final silouet reminds me of the dress that she wore back in November 2015, to a charity event.

duchess of cambridge
Photo: Huffington Post

So in a sorts this dress has developed into more of a RepliKate mashup where I was inspired by two very classic blue dresses and combined them into one.

Overall the ease in make of this dress and results are 10 stars. I received so many complements at work today and no one could believe that I made it my self.


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