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The Blue Dress

I have started a new clothing item this last week and there are just a few more steps until it is complete but until then let’s start at the beginning.

I picked up this beautiful Skydiver Blue Stretch Ponte Knit material (no longer available) from Mood Fabrics back when I was on a little bit of a spending spree. It is slightly on the heavier side as far as knits are concerned but it has the perfect stretch and weight to it.

I was inspired to purchase this fabric by Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, love for the rich blue when she is looking for a slight pop of color when it is not red, pink, or yellow. This dress will not be a replicate but more of an inspiration piece. I wanted something simple but classic to have in my closet that would make me think, Kate would wear that.


The pattern that I am using is McCall’s MP200. It is a basic, beginners pattern that is the best for an afternoon project and great for when you want to get back to the basics from time to time.

For this project I did not to a muslin mock just for the shear fact that I did not feel it would be useful this go around. Following the instructions I have assembled the bust of the dress which fits like a gem by the way.


After the shoulders and side seams were stitched and the neck line was hemmed it was tim to move onto the sleeves. Here I made one small, silly mistake and that was to try to “out smart” the direction. Instead of sewing the sleeve together and then hemming it, I hemmed the sleeve and then sewed it together, oops. But below you can hardly see my error and will never be noticed while wearing.


So here it is, the bust of my new dress. I will work on assembling the skirt and putting it all together over the next week and will share the final results soon.

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