Photo Credit to JackieSue Photography

Hi there! I’m Jessica a Marketing Coordinator by day and an inspiring fashion/costume designer, seamstress, wife, foodie, lover of everything French, and Disney fanatic the rest of the time. I currently live in the Houston, Texas area and love to create new costumes and garments on a regular basis, especially for friends and family.

Ever since I was little sketching dresses have been my favorite pass time. I also enjoyed draping my mom’s fabric scraps and bed sheets on my life size barbie and/or little brother (whom ever I could get my hands on first). Today I am reigniting that little designer spark in me through my current love for the Duchess of Cambridge’s fashion and the realization that most of what I purchase off of the rack I can make at home. 

I will be taking you through the step by step process of each garment that I sew, in the hopes to inspire you to create your own. I’ll also be sharing with you things that I have learned along the way and anything else I think would be useful to have in your sewing arsenal. 

There will definitely be a lot of trial and error since I am a self taught seamstress for the most part. I learned the basics of sewing from my mom and how to use patterns from my Jr. High Home Economics teacher but other than that I am on my own. 

I am thrilled to have you here reading and I hope that I can inspire you to be creative!


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