2017 Christmas PhotoHi there, I’m Jessica (Jess). I have a degree in Marketing and worked in the performing arts industry for 8 years (that’s not counting growing up in the industry). In 2017 my husband and I finally decided that it was time for me to follow my childhood dream. I am now very fortunate enough to get to play with patterns and fabrics all day, in the hopes of building a great business. When I’m not sewing I’m usually doing house chores, volunteering at the local museum association, watching Disney movies, reading, or binge watching historical fiction shows like The Crown or Victoria. 

I have always enjoyed making dresses and costumes. Through my current love for the Duchess of Cambridge’s fashion and the realization that most of what I purchase off of the rack I can make at home has led me into garment making. I am stepping out of my box to learn how to work with new fabrics such as knits and wools to make replicas of clothes that you would see in high end retail stores such as LK Bennet. 

This blog has become my way of documenting the garments and costumes that I have made and sharing with you the different techniques that I have learned along with the devastating failures of my sewing basket. 

I am thrilled to have you here reading and I hope that I can inspire you to be creative!


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