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Muslin Mock Up

The day has come at last! I created my muslin mockup of my RepliKate shirt. And I do have to say, I am quite pleased with myself thus far. I am also proud to say that I took photos this time as well.

Disclaimer: Please ignore any strange faces I maybe making in these photos. 😛

I began by laying out my pattern and pressing out the creases with a barely warm iron.


Next I traced my pattern using swedish tracing paper from Birch Street Clothing on I love this stuff. I’ve used it for all of my sewing projects for the past year. I’ve always hated cutting up patterns because I am always afraid that I will need that larger size pattern one day. (Not that I ever have but still the fear of cutting through the pattern paper bothers me.)


Once my pattern was traced I cut out a muslin mockup to try on for size. (I don’t really trust simplicity sizing.) I went a size up from my typical bust measurement and was truly surprised as I usually need to go back down a size.

The shirt just needed to be taken in slightly and by doing that I went from a 5/8″ seam allowance to just below 1″.

Here is a sneak peak at the body of the shirt. I still need to hem and attach the sleeves but I am so far pleased with this top. The final fabric seems to work a lot better than the muslin.

This pattern is great for beginners or as a quick shirt to whip up during the weekend. I will be keeping this one close by to make more in different materials and colors.

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