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Steal Her Look – Meghan Edition

Meghan has her own very unique, modern style. It’s very fashion forward mix with classic and comfort styles. She also has taken a note from the Duchess of Cambridge’s play book that we will see as we analyze each outfit. As always it’s a little tricky to find exact pattern matches for Meghans looks. But I have done my best and with out further adieu here they are.

Engagement Announcement

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After months and months of speculation we finally receive the official announcement from Kensington Palace. Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markel are engaged! We all flocked to our social media accounts and news outlets to first and for most see the ring and then to admire Meghan’s debut outfit.

At first glance we see a beautiful off white wrap coat with a green dress underneath. The perfect future princess look. Thanks to we have even more details about these pieces.

The coat is by Line and is described as a double-face wool, wrap style coat with its on-trend wide collar and self-tie belt.

The green wool fitted bow detail dress from P.A.R.O.S.H. features a round neck line, sleeveless design, fitted silhouette, with a bow detail and a straight hem.

Simple enough to find right? Well yes and no. Let’s first start with our coat options. Thankfully wrap coats are in trend right now and I have seen more patterns being released over the last year for this style. Meghan’s coat is unique and there is just simply no exact match that I could find for her wide collar coat.

But have no fear! I have found two options for you that could be altered slightly so that you can be twinning with the future princess.

Simplicity 8554 is a great dupe. You would just need to change the collar design and close up the side slit but if I’m going to be truly honest I for-see a similar coat to this pattern coming out of her closet soon.

If you would like a bit more of an altering challenge or would just simply like a shorter version check out this gem from Colette Patterns. The Lady Grey wrap coat has a beautifully wide collar already, eliminate the notches and you are good to go. Also you would be supporting an independent designer. #love

As I was looking through the pages and pages of coat patterns (I may still have several tabs open as I’m writing this to find you all the perfect match) I stumbled upon this beauty for my curvy ladies out there. I say we have a perfect winner right here ladies and gentlemen. View B will get you that perfect princess look.

The dress has me stumped. You would essentially have to Frankenstein two patterns together to get this dress to look remotely close. There is this one pattern though that is fairly close. New Look Pattern 6095 view C front with view B back.

With just a minor altering of the pattern you could have something really similar. With view C you would need to eliminate the bottom contrast band and the waist band (turning it into a waist seam). Also, if you notice on the retail photos of Meghan’s dress, there is no waist seam in the back which is where using the back of view B would be a perfect stand in. Since they are both from the same pattern it shouldn’t be too difficult to Frankenstein your own replica.

Nottingham Engagement

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For their first official royal engagement together Prince Harry and Meghan Markel visited Nottingham. Meghan wore yet another lovely Mackage Double Breasted Military Maxi Coat with a JOSEPH Full Midi Skirt, and a JOSEPH Full Midi Skirt.

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Meghan’s midi skirt is again one of those appears to be simple but very unique pieces. The skirt is described by the designer as, “utilitarian cotton and silk-blend twill of this ‘Laurel’ skirt is perfectly balanced by its elegant fluted silhouette.” The skirt also features a button and concealed zip fastening at the front.

A pattern that comes to mind when I think of a midi skirt is the Fumeterre from Deer and Doe patterns. Although it is not a fluted silhouette, it has that unique button and zip front closure.

McCall’s does has a somewhat fluted silhouette in M7054. Although it is a bit more complexed in the construction. For instance this skirt has about 8 fitted panels with gores to give the bottom of the skirt that flair.

Upon closer inspection of the construction used to create the Joseph skirt. It appears that we may have another Frankenstein item on our hands. The skirt appears to be a fitted a-line on one half and a panel and gore silhouette on the other.  So if you wanted to create a Frankenstein skirt with the two patterns mentioned above be my guest. I, on the other hand, will probably just make the Deer and Doe skirt.

The Wolford turtleneck was the top of choice for Meghan during this event. The top is described as “Velvet soft and made in a stretch cotton seamless knit, this pullover is light enough for layering.”

There is one pattern that came to mind for this simple top. The new Nikko Top and Dress pattern from True/Bias would be a great staple to your wardrobe. I just receive my paper pattern and I am waiting on some lovely whit ribbed knit. I’ll be sure to let you all know how it goes.

Lastly, we have the Mackage Double Breasted Military Maxi Coat. This is a broad, draping collar, epaulets and belted cuffs bring a commanding yet elegant presence to a double-breasted military jacket cut with an elongated maxi silhouette.

The closest match that I could find was Vogue 8884 which is a semi-fitted, partially interfaced, lined trench coat is double-breasted and has collar, collar band, shoulder pads, yokes, and two-piece sleeves. To alter this pattern you would need to be extended and to be an exact match I would also recommend removing the belt and the bottom row of buttons.

If you would like to go the indie pattern route you could use the Ellsworth sewing pattern by Christine Haynes. It is a lined double-breasted overcoat with a notched collar and patch pockets. And to make it an exact match you would need to eliminate the pockets, bottom row of buttons, and length the coat to a midi length.


Cardiff Visit

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Ms. Markel went casual for her trip to Cardiff where she got to see a showcase of Welsh culture and heritage. She wore a new Stella McCartney Tie Detail Coat, Hiut Denim Dina Jeans, and a Theory Wool Off-The Shoulder Jacket.

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A key that Meghan has taken from her future sister-in-law’s play book is wearing an article(s) of clothing from the area that you are visiting and these jeans are no exception. Made in Welsh these jeans are described as a five-pocket jean, zip front fly, fastened with copper rivets on the pockets. They are a lovely pair that’s for sure.

I’m sure you have already guessed or know what jean patter I’m going to recommend, and no Heather from Closet Case Patterns does not sponsor me she’s just super duper awesome. The skinny, high waisted Ginger Jeans are my go to pattern to recommend to copy this look. Now honestly you could use any of your favorite skinny jean pattern to make your own pair of black denim. If you want to know why I love this pattern so you can check out my blog post on them.


For Meghan’s most interesting and difficult piece to copy, I give you the Theory Wool Off-The Shoulder Jacket. It is an off-the-shoulder jacket with a covered zip front and besom pockets. Made of premium Italian stretch wool with a textured yarn-dyed plaid.

A pattern for this jacket was a bit more of a challenge for me. Why? Because, I have yet to find a designer that makes a top specifically like this. What I would propose is to use Burda Style 6465 in view A (or any collarless jacket princess seamed jacket) as you base and hack the neckline it so that you could get the off the shoulder look. You would also need a length that was in between A and B views.

The Stella McCarthy coat is a classic, cool black coat with some amazing tuxedo-style detailing. It is distinguished with peak lapels and a suit jacket-style trio of pockets, the wool-blend design is punctuated with an exaggerated self-tie front. Partially lined for lightweight layering, the single hem vent ensures mobility in the longline profile.

I have two great options for this coat. One is the Simplicity 8554, that I mentioned above. For this you would just need to close up the side seam of view A and draft a longer, wider tie for the waist.

The second pattern is the Yona Wrap Coat by Named Clothing. It is a loose-fitting, lined raglan sleeve coat with front patch pockets and belt closure. There are a few more alterations that you would need for this coat and that would be to remove the patch pockets, widen and lengthen the waist tie, and lengthen the over all jacket.


Endeavour Fund Awards

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Our last outfit matching is for the Endeavour Fund Awards. Now I don’t know about you but I was really expecting her to bust out a great sheath dress, as it was a semi-formal event, but to my surprise she wore an Alexandar McQueen pant suit. She is totally taking the royal fashion rule book with a grain of salt.


The Alexander McQueen Grain de Poudre Wool Blazer is made from grain de poudre wool, this satin-lined blazer has sharp peaked lapels, structured shoulders and angular flap pockets that draw attention to the smallest part of your frame.

I can confidently say there is no other blazer out there quite like this one. I don’t have even the slightest idea as to how you would incorporate those triangle pieces on the sides. So I found a very unique style blazer that you could feel royal in. Vogue 8845 is a clean blazer with some fun side detailing.

These impeccably made Alexander McQueen Grain de Poudre Wool Trousers are cut from fine grain de poudre wool in a straight-leg silhouette. They sit high on the waist so you can tuck in blouses and shirts, and are slightly cropped to highlight a pair of statement shoes.

When I saw these trousers the Sasha trousers from Closet Case Patterns came to mind. These are actually in my sewing cue right now and are just waiting for their material to arrive. You can easily make them a high waisted crop in a black material and have yourself some sassy trousers like Meghan.


As the name implies, the Tuxe 360 Boss Blouse means business. The tie can be worn draped casually open to showcase the clavicle, or looped in a relaxed bow for buttoned-up sophistication. 100% Silk Crepe de Chine with an attached Nylon/Spandex panty featuring a 100% cotton hygiene gusset. Hook and eye closure with three settings to adjust for torso height.

OK a blouse that is actually body suite, who saw that one coming? It’s very genius. If any of you readers can hack together this blouse and a body suite, the sewing gods are in your favor my friend. Vogue 8772 would be my choice in mimicking this style. It has those clean lines of a button down and the feminine bow tie at the neckline. Total dead ringer.

So that wraps up a very long post for you all. I hope you have enjoyed my pattern matching adventures thus far. I am working on a Kate Middleton pattern matches as I find them. Let me know in comments below if there are any outfit from the Duchess of Cambridge or Ms. Markel that I have yet covered on the blog.

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