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Kate in Vogue

I know I’m a little late to the party about Kate being in the 100th anniversary issue of British Vogue but I do have to say I was so into it that I specially ordered a copy from England on amazon, ironically the day before Brexit. So I’ve had my special issue for over a month now and have schemed up a brilliant sewing project. Drum roll please……

Josh Olins

I will be recreating my version of Kate’s Petit Bateau red stripe top and, wait for it…..

Creating my first ever pair of blue jeans! This is such a huge project but I am ready to accept this challenge. Plus if these jeans work out I swear I will never have to go clothes shopping again! Oh I can hear the angles singing hallelujah now. (If you can’t tell I am not the biggest fan of clothes shopping as of late due to the fact that I will try on 20-30 pairs of pants before I can find just 1 pair that fits me properly. And don’t get me started on shoe shopping, I me how does one foot shrink almost 1/2 a size but not completely?!)

So for this wonderful little (HUGE) project I have taken it upon myself to take an online trip to Mood Fabrics and a stroll down to JoAnn’s to acquire the supplies needed.

JoAnn's Haul

At JoAnn’s I purchased a number of items, and a few extra things for other projects, to create the jeans. I picked 2 yards up a nice dark wash denim that was on sale for $5.99 a yard (I could not beat that price at Mood and I was able to see the material in person), a jean rivets kit, pattern B6061, sewing machine needles, thread, a 7″ navy zipper, a jean jig (I’m hoping this will help…), a couple extra patterns (one is totally for a future RepliKate and the other is just nice to have on hand), and 1 yard of a beautiful gray suiting material that I will turn into something just not sure what yet.

Gutermann Thread

Lately I’ve been really into Gutermann thread. I discovered this thread from Mood Fabrics as a recommendation and have really enjoyed it. It doesn’t get hung up in my machine and it blends into the fabric really well. You can get this thread at JoAnns for $1.99 where at Mood Fabrics it’s $1.78 however unless you are getting free shipping from Mood Fabrics and need to go to JoAnn’s anyways I’d just get it from JoAnn’s.

At Mood Fabrics I purchased 2 yards of a red/navy striped cotton jersey knit and 2 yards of ecru/gray Saint James striped ponte knit (ponte knit is my favorite material to work with as of late) along with jean buttons for the pants.

Patterns that I will be using Butterick B6061 and New Look 6838.

Butterick B6061 and NewLook 6838

This will be my second attempt at the New Look pattern, I’m not 100% happy with my first attempt and really it has not seen the light of day outside of my sewing room, so I am hoping that with this new material and techniques that I’ve been looking at online it will be a better success. I will be adding a free formed pocket to make my shirt look more like the one Kate wore for her photo shoot.

The pants will be made from pattern B6061 and I’m hoping for the best. I’ve never made jeans before, only pajama pants, so I am doing a bunch of research and praying for the best. Through my research I found this site called Closet Case Patterns where they have printable patterns for jeans, swimsuits, and a few other items. They have an e-book on how to sew a pair of jeans together although it is more than likely tailored to their jean pattern I thought it was worth a shot and if anything it will teach me so cool techniques.

jeans ebook

Wow lots to talk about and so excited to be getting started on this project. Between this and a couple other things going on I will be busy for the next month. I will be sure to share with you all my adventures in sewing as they happen but until then, happy sewing.
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