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2017 is Upon US

2016 is quickly drawing to a close and my oh my it has been a crazy busy year for me. I have not been as through as I had hoped in keeping up with this wonderful blog but I have a goal for 2017 that I will keep.
project_sew_my_style_website_page_headerMy goal for 2017 is to complete at least one new sewing project per month mostly in the realm of clothing but I will also pick up other projects along the way. My inspiration for this idea was from the Sew My Style Challenge as part of the slow fashion movement from Bluebird Fabrics.
I am so excited to personally take on this challenge as it is so important (in my opinion) for women and men to know how to sew and construct their own clothing. The fashion industry produces beautiful works but they are either severely impractical or poorly constructed. There are several things that I look at in the store and say to myself, for the same price I could make that exact same dress or top with much better quality.
By sewing your own clothing you are also given the opportunity to recreate one of a kind pieces that inspire you, i.e. the Duchess of Cambridge fashion, or unique one of a kind pieces that no one else can copy. Gone are they days where you show up wearing the same dress as sue down the hall again.
While on this journey I will be taking a special friend with me. Her name is Amy and she is about 12 years old and her mom is a co-worker and friend of my husband. Amy has been dying to learn how to sew and I am now taking it upon myself to show her the way. Together Amy and I will be creating a whole new wardrobe that we will be proud to wear about town.
Since Amy is a beginner I will be working with her through one of my favorite sewing books Love at First Stitch by Tilly Walnes from Tilly and the Buttons Sewing Blog. With Amy’s schedule I will work with her once to once every other month as she is still in grade school and will be participating in other activities as well.
I am currently working on a calendar that you all can use to fallow along with me if you would like and will post shortly.
Thank you all for an amazing 2016 and I hope to bring you all along on new sewing adventures soon.

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