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A Simplicity Pattern Faux Fur Wrap

Last year I had attended two formal events and both events had been very chilly. Well after the first event I decided that I was no longer going to be cold and took maters into creating the perfect formal wrap.

I landed on the idea of a faux fur stole because I wanted something that was classic and timeless. For the color pallet I decided to go with my latest color obsession burgundy. I have been loving this color so much that I wanted to recreate a ready to wear gown for my December event but unfortunately just have too many other things on my plate right now.

The Pattern

When I was at JoAnn’s during a regular outing I found the perfect, easy, Simplicity pattern.


The Fabric

And I just happened to stumble upon the perfect faux fur and lining so I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make a wrap.

I don’t know if you can find the exact same material but the link to all the fur fabrics that JoAnn’s carries is here.

Faux Fur and Linning Fabric

When I got home I was very eager to commence sewing right away. I cleared away my sewing/cutting table and laid out the newly purchased fur. Well I did not realize how much of a mess faux fur was going to make. So consider this a warning to have your vacuum cleaner and lint rollers at the ready. I am still finding fur all over my sewing room and this was 2 months ago now. (imagine emoji with monkey covering his eyes here)

Assembling the shawl went smoother than I expected. I did run into a little bit of a hiccup when I realized after sewing a seam that the fur had shifted away from the lining. But after a little seam ripping, I had it all realigned and looking fabulous.

So I haven’t told you the best thing about this wrap it is the fact that this wrap has POCKETS!!! When I saw that the pattern called for one pocket on the inside of the lining I said, “why stick with one? I’m going to make two pockets!” Oh I sure do love a good pocket.

View of Pockets on Stole

Overall I am very happy with how this shawl/wrap, whatever you want to call it, has turned out. I think I will attempt at some pattern hacking during my next go around. I want to add side seams so that it acts more like a bolero than a wrap.

But I will leave you now with the completed look and let you ponder if making a wrap for yourself.

View of Front Stole


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