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2019 Wardrobe Planning

Wow, I can’t believe that 2018 has already come and gone. Let’s just say that it was a very eventful year and I couldn’t have predicted the life changes that happened.

I started the year off traveling and starting my own alterations business in Texas and ended the year with a move to Chicago, IL and giving birth to a perfect little boy. So needless to say, my 2018 wardrobe plans (and frankly my blogging) went out the window fairly quickly.

As I recover from giving birth and can slowly begin to fit in my old clothes again, I’ve come to realize that I own one to many of everything. (Jeans, t-shirts, bras, etc.) Not only do I own too many clothes I also don’t really own quality items, this is due to shopping clearance items at fast fashion stores like Target. So this coming year I am determined to rethink my wardrobe and focus on building a smaller, high quality, wardrobe that I want to constantly wear. 

Wardrobe Inspiration

Going through my Pinterest boards I really thought about the things that I am most comfortable wearing. Also I now live in an area that gets all 4 seasons and I had to think about most weather related scenarios. I love sweaters, t-shirts, and pants. Dresses are pretty but I’m not 100% comfortable in them unless I’m wearing shorts or stockings underneath. Also I tend to reserve dresses for when I’m working an event or going on a very special date.

One additional thing I need to keep in mind is that I am currently breast feeding and pumping so I need to have easy access to be able to fee my son and pump when he’s not around. So my tops need to be a little less form fitting these days.

Inspiration Collage

Casual Wear

For my casual looks I really want to go with Oversized and Semi-Fitted sweaters (perhaps the Elliot Sweater), tailored cardigans like the Fulton Sweater Blazer, Mid-rise Ginger Jeans in dark washes (maybe even throw in a dark olive pair), Marine Time shorts, and t-shirts in varying styles and sleeve lengths (I’m going to make a couple more Niko Tops for sure).

Office Attire

I really want to be able to cross my casual wear into my office attire. To do this I’m thinking of adding a Morris Blazer, Sasha Trousers pattern, nice blouses such as Roscoe Blouse, Niko Top, Trevi Top, and Matcha Top, and I would love to also add a couple midi length Winslow Culottes for that midi skirt look.

Pattern Collage


I’ve thrown around the names of a few patterns already but I’m listing those and some others I’m considering below.

There are so many other patterns that I could list and I’m pretty certain I wont get to all of these this year. But this is a good starting point to build a solid wardrobe.

I’m excited to pick back up my sewing and blogging this year and I already have an unplanned make on my sewing table ready to sew. (It’s the Tabor sweater/top by Sew House Seven) One other make I have in the cue for February is a wedding present for my husband. Hopefully I can spare a few minutes to get that done in time but the days are flying by fast and I’m lucky to spare a few moments from the little man.

What are your sewing plans for this year? Any major wardrobe over hauls?

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