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Monthly Musings

Wow! I can’t believe that half the year has already flown by. I’ve had this post queued up in my blog roll for some time but the timing of my blog come back didn’t feel right until about now.

Life Update

You may have noticed that I have been very absent on the blogging and instagram front since my last post, with a slow come back to instagram, and thats just simply because life happens. I was very blessed in being able to take on several different sewing alterations clients as well as pick up a temporary part time job at the local museum during the months of April and May. Which both consumed my time, leaving very little if any to personal sewing. My husband and I also had some very life changing news dropped on us in late March and we have just been quietly taking it all in. I will share with you all the news in a coming post but basically I feel as if things are settling down now and I am able so finally able to sit back down at my sewing machine and sew again.

Inspiration and New Sewing Patterns

There have been sew many new patterns popping up in the sewing community lately. It seems as if everyday there is a new release. With so many new releases since my last post I’m just going to share with you the top 5 that have caught my attention lately.

Deer and Doe – Myosotis Dress – When I first saw this pattern released I was not a huge fan of the boxy style however I do adore some of the more tailored versions that I have been seeing from the community lately.

True Bias – Yari Jumpsuit – Not my go to choice but I could see those who love jumpsuits going for this outfit. Also maybe a Rosie the Riveter costume for halloween. Just saying.

Helen’s Closet – York Pinafore – I’m not a pinafore person but I’ve seen several adorable versions of this pattern on instagram.

Style Arc – Annabelle Woven Dress – This is a wrap dress designed for a woven fabric. Which I applaud because there are several of us who are still nervous about using knits.

Closet Case Patterns – Jenny Trousers and Overalls Pattern – The pant version of these overalls is just so stinking cute! I can’t wait to make a pair of these as wide legged pants seem to be in currently.

Things Happening in the Sewing Community

#memademay is now over and though I had every intention of participating this year…things just did not work out. I saw several lovely outfits and makes it made me itch for some free time to sew for myself again.

One sewiest that I love to follow on Instagram, among several others, is Pins & Pinot. She makes some of the most fabulous outfits and actually changes my opinion on patterns regularly.

Sew My Style Update

As I haven’t done much sewing for myself lately I have been very much on all of my sewing plans for 2018. I’m not sure why I even try to make sewing plans really because I have “shinny new toy” syndrome and when I see a new pattern or have a new idea I get very distracted.

Sewing Room Update

I have been going through my fabric stash and purging like a mad woman lately. There is just so much fabric that I pull out of the bins and I say why did I buy that. #impulseshopping

With all these finds I have been happily been giving away useable scraps to those who work with fabric art and sending larger quantities to my niece who is learning how to sew. I’m not sure if my niece has any time to sew lately but she has a large stash of fabric to play with this summer.


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