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Update: Renaissance Costume

As promised here is my update on the renaissance fair costume for my friend.

Drum roll please….


I love how this turned out, it wasn’t exactly what I had planned BUT it still looks great.

I did add to the front like I originally intended however the black panels just didn’t look right so I had just enough material to do two red ones. I used size 0 grommets from and brown leather shoe lacing from our local Tandy Leather shop to complete the look.

So I have to admit of a big oops I made while making the new panels. As I was sewing and cutting I thought I would be oh so clever and cut the panels out with the outer edge on the fold. Totally smart in theory but one tiny problem. I forgot to place the boning along the edge to give support for lacing. (Face palm)

But after much deliberation I decided to sew my boning (I usually purchase the stuff that comes in the package with the white casing) onto the inside of the panel. But instead of leaving it white, I created new casing out of the left over lining material.

I sewing the boning and it’s new casing ever so carefully to the edge of the panel. Since top stitching was on my list it didn’t mater if there were stitches on the exterior of the bodice.


The end result turned out so well! I’m very pleased with it. Mistakes and all this is really a compete outfit that I am 100% proud of.


My friend is super excited to wear her costume this weekend to the festival and I just can’t wait to see it on her.


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