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Hello 2016


A new year has begun and I am excited to share with you this new adventure I have embarked. This blog has been something that I have pondered, and have attempted, for a long time. This year there will no longer be one post blogs, I am committing to this blog and the effort it takes to start and maintain. My goal is to obtain 50-100 readers by 12/31/16. Three are already accounted for if your count my family ;).

The main focus of this blog will be on sewing, if that wasn’t evident already. I will be sewing several different projects throughout 2016 and will be focusing on recreating the Duchess of Cambridge’s iconic looks. Why the Duchess? Well I have a soft spot for royalty, I once fantasized about marrying Prince Henry when I was young, and Catherine has exquisite taste. She also presents herself perfectly in public and is the perfect role model for women and girls today.

As I RepliKate these outfits I will go through the details of the garments, the pattern and fabric selection process, assembly and the finished look. I want to inspire others to sew the outfits because there is nothing like wearing something that you have created.

If you’re not into ReliKateing don’t fret, I will be sharing plenty of other projects that I will embark this year from┬ácostume construction to home decor I hope you find something that will inspire you to sew.

However, I can’t just stop at only sharing my beautiful sewing creations with you. Over the next year I will also share with you my travels, favorite recipes, and everything else in-between. As this blog grows I hope to share with everyone all the exciting events and project of 2016 and beyond.

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