Mum’s the Word

Lately I have been working on several little projects in my new office over the last month. (I have just neglected to write about them.) One project however is very near and dear to my heart.

This would be a very special Homecoming Mum for a very special former teacher of both mine and my brother’s. This teacher has helped us both transition from young awkward teenagers who didn’t know anyone in the community to social butterflies again. Needless to say she is very special to me and has played a huge role in who I am today.

Now onto the craft project. When my brother was Freshman in High School I made him a mum to wear to school for Homecoming. His drama teacher, my former english teacher and Teen Guild leader, admired it very much and threatened to snatch it from him. My brother just graduated from High school this week and I thought it would be fitting to make her a mum of her very own as a thank you gift from the both of us.

Mums are a Homecoming tradition here in the south and it has taken me some time to get use to them. I made them for myself and friends in High School and they are very easy to put together once you get the hang of it.

For this mum I wanted to keep things simple since she is a drama teacher but I also wanted to incorporate the elements of drama. This is where I turn to the non-traditional methods of adding scrapbooking elements. I also had to use scrapbook letters to make the ribbons as it is not homecoming season and supplies are scarce.

Below is the image of the finished product.


I will be producing another mum here in the coming weeks for a friend’s baby shower that I will be hosting in July. I will try to remember to take step by step photos then and share.

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