A New Chapter

Over the last year my husband and I made the biggest decision of our marriage yet, and that was to purchase a new home! We chose a new build from Beazer Homes in a small suburb outside of the city. Over the last 6-9 months we’ve agonized, celebrated, and nit picked this home down to the last nail and now I am happy to report that over the last month we have moved into our new home. Hence the lack of posting on my blog.

But, fear not fellow readers for I am back. I have a new space to sew and create new pieces and finish old ones in and everything is coming together. My RepliKate shirt has been on hold over the last month because of the move but I will be finishing that up in the coming week or two.

Last weekend I went to JoAnn’s with my mom and can I just say I am in LOVE with the new spring materials! I literally wanted to purchase 4 yards of EVERYTHING in their fashion section. I restrained myself however because I do need to complete one project and work on another. Just more momentum to get them finished right? 😉

I did however pick up two new patterns because yes I am a pattern junky and they were on sale! Hello $2 patterns you do not want to pass that up. I purchased McCall’s patterns MP200 and M6896 (pictured below). They both are super simple and look like a great addition to my repertoire. Pendulum tops are also super flattering to most figures, in my opinion, and I have an old pendulum top that desperately needs to be replaced so I’m hoping that this will  do the trick since I can’t find a replacement in the stores. The other pattern I thought would be great as a basic sun dress or work dress. With the right fabric you could totally make this pattern casual or super formal. I’m super excited to get working on both of these next. 🙂

Here are some of the fabrics that I was swooning over and the collection they come from.

Another thing that I found absolutely fascinating at JoAnn’s was their introduction of Cosplay Fabrics. These were the coolest fabrics I have ever seen! They have metallic and scale prints, patterned pleather, stretch pleather and more! If you are into cosplay I highly encourage you all to check out their new lines of fabric. I’m so intrigued that I may pick up a couple of yards myself and test this out.

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 7.25.18 PM

I am totally ready for Spring and all of these wonderful new fabrics to purchase and create something new with. I will be back to my regular weekly posting and hopefully will have an update on all my projects here shortly.

Keep an eye out for the following topics:

SLEEVES – I’ve got sleeves to add to the RepliKate and I am going to remake the sleeves on an old costume.

NEW PATTERNS – I’ll be working on a blue dress with some of my Mood Fabric and also work through the new patterns I just purchased.

FABRIC SHOPPING – We will take a trip back to JoAnn’s as I search for new fabric.

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