Card Creations


Today I wanted to share with you another creative outlet that I have enjoyed for many years and that is card making. Now I don’t do it as much as my mom who is a Stampin’ Up demonstrator but I do enjoy making a batch of cards every now and then. My mom and I have created some of my birthday invitations, graduation invitations and wedding invitations together along with just regular cards and scrapbooks over the years.

This past weekend I visited my mom and we spent part of the afternoon crafting together. I have had my eye on her spare Watercolor Wishes Card Kit and was super excited to put it together. This kit is great for someone like me where I don’t have all the paper, stamps, die cutters, etc to create and put cards together. The kit comes with 20 different cards with pre printed back grounds, punch out die cuts, washi tape, stamps and ink, the only thing would need is some glue and a pair of scissors.


Having the backgrounds pre stamped has it’s pros and cons.

Pro: I have perfectly stamped backgrounds that I don’t have to stress over stamping perfectly myself and the cards are created in 1/2 the time.
Con: I don’t get to stamp the backgrounds.

I think I’ll take the pros over the con.

Don’t get me wrong I love designing my own cards and stamping the backgrounds but occasionally I just want to make a simple and quick card to refill my stash (and boy are these quick and simple). DSC05243

Based off the photos that were provided, from the kit, I assembled each card. You get to stamp the saying either onto the cards directly or on little accent pieces. As always I added my own flare to these cards, some I gave more dimension than the instructions suggested. Once all was said and done I was proud to show everyone my final creations and glad that the backgrounds were pre-stamped onto the cards. But it was time well spent to have some simple and beautiful cards to have on hand and to spend time with my mom in her studio.

For more information about this kit or Stampin’ Up! visit my mom’s blog at¬†


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